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February, 2022
Shigmo or shigmotsav is the grand spring festival celebrated annually in Goa in the month of Phalgun  (read the last month of the Hindu calender).
To on-lookers, it may seem like Holi's taken a U-turn and come right back to Goa.
And honestly, why not? Goa's the land of colourful people and we love rocking out with colours all month long.

22 things to do in Goa in 2022, Villa in Palms by V Escapes 7

January, 2022
It’s 2022 and we’ve got 22 things for you to do in Goa! Forget the usual commercial spots where all the tourist Titlis hover, we’ve got the best of the best, covered in this extensive list.

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December, 2021
Foodies, tourists and countrymen; welcome.
Welcome to this revelation.
We’re unearthing hidden food spots of Goa that only locals know about.


November, 2021
Experiential travel or immersion travel is slowly and steadily claiming a big space on itineraries across the globe. If Netflix’s show ‘The world’s most amazing vacation rentals’ is quickly filling up your international travel bucket list, put that pen down for a bit and read this.

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September, 2021
When you hit the sunshine state, you can’t not have a good time on your agenda. Nobody comes to Goa and leaves without having fun. Goans don’t recommend you leave with souvenirs and magnets, we want you to leave with memories.


August, 2021
The Rain Gods have awakened. We’re in season 2 of the pandemic and the weather change is the plot twist you’ve been waiting for all summer. The monsoon season is about to make the storyline incredibly interesting. Well, at least in Goa!

Women with facemasks lounging in the bedroom of the villa for rent in North Goa

July, 2021
Solitude and social distancing have been a challenge, which we found ways to overcome. V Escapes' deepest happiness comes from pampering its guests and offering a holiday that indulges and celebrates them.

Villa in Goa Calangute

March, 2021
Throwback to planning your last luxury vacation—Maybe a 5-star hotel, a comfortable stay but a cookie-cutter experience? We know that you are ready for more. Much more.