5 Must-Visit Restaurants on the way to Goa Airport

Fellow foodies, we’d like to help you savour the taste of Goa for as long as you can! From the moment you land, till the moment you depart, you can relish the flavours Goa’s culinary landscape has to offer. “How”, you ask?

We have already shared with you a list of the hottest restaurants in Goa, here. And today we’re sharing with you 5 must-visit restaurants on your way to or from the airport.

We’re about to pilot your taste-buds to exquisite pit stops, every foodie needs to visit. Buckle in, we’re about to take you on a delicious ride! Here we go...

a steamer basket full of dimsum

Source: tatakigoa instagram

1. Tataki

Tataki describes itself as an immersive Asian dining experience. Located in Panjim, flaunting floral style vintage decor, the place delivers what it promises. A sensual, Asian experience. We recommend you try their dimsums, Pad Thai, Spicy Chilli and Tamarind Pork as well as their Mixed Berry Ale.

Jackson Pollock steak at Miguel's

Source: miguelsgoa instagram

2. Miguel's

Miguel’s is a cocktail and petiscos bar, housed in the heart of a heritage building in Panjim. Their food represents Konkan-Portuguese fusion but it’s served in exciting modern formats. The restaurant has an open kitchen, so you can see your food prepared right in front of you. Their plates are petite ( petiscos translates to tit-bits, small morsels of food ), so don’t order a dish and expect to be full. Much like a Spanish tapas bar, the idea is to order a variety of portions so you get a little taste of everything. We highly recommend the Mushroom Risotto, Jackson Pollock Steak, Vista Sul and Jose Armada along with the Cha Gelado Lemongrass from their drinks menu.

fish dish at Vedro

3. Vedro

In the colourful capital of Panjim, Fountainhas lies this tropical paradise. Designed by the celebrated Sussanne Khan, this casual chic kitchen and bar represents true Goa. Haunted by locals and bucket-listed by tourists for a reason; Vedro’s food is eccentric, eclectic and exquisite. The chefs believe you feast with your eyes before you taste and this shows in their presentation. The restaurant boasts of an interactive live cold food bar where colourful, fresh plates are prepared right in front of you. The food is inspired by the global Indian traveller, so how can you miss it when you’re travelling right? Stop by for their signature serves, the Soft-boiled Egg with Curry Leaf Espuma, Enoki Mushroom and Chettinath fish. Let their cocktails take you on an intoxicating trip. We can’t stop sipping their Honey Buttered Old Fashioned and Snow White. Do try them when you visit!

lobster dish next to bottle and glass of rose

Source: mumskitchenworldwide instagram

4. Mum's Kitchen

Tell your driver, you know where the ‘lost food of Goa’ can be found. Type ‘Mum’s Kitchen’ on your google maps and drive to Panaji to taste authentic Goan dishes. Their menu features dishes from Hindu and Catholic homes and the ambience is simple and homely. Try the Chourico Chilly Fry, Sungatachem Bhajiya and Almaiche Xacuti!

kabab platter next to rice side dish

Source: schandis.goa instagram

5. Schandis

Sea-side, Persia. That’s how you’ll describe Schandis, once you’ve been here. Close to Panjim, in Dona Paula, an Iranian couple has given home to Persian cuisine at Schandis. Come for unpretentious, hearty meals. Order the Zereshk Polo served with saffron rice and chicken leg, the Mezze platter, Chicken Kubideh and end the meal with the sweet taste of Baklava.

All our picks are no major detours on the way to the airport. Make sure you make time to add these essential food stops to your itinerary. You’ll be thanking us with every bite when you dine at these joints. If you’ve made the awesome decision to stay at Villa In Palms, you’ll be including our VIP Experiences Manager in your list of gratitude as well. Why? Because she’ll plan your itinerary and reserve your tables, figure your airport transfers and even score you a discount at Vedro, when you go! Click here, to see what other experiences can be arranged for you at the villa and here, to check out the pictures of our neo-tropical, 5 bedroom award winning villa, located in North Goa.

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