7 Places That Serve the Best Cocktails in Goa

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Your search for the best drink in Goa ends here! By ‘here,’ we mean somewhere among the 7 best cocktail bars in Goa we have covered in this blog. Everyone’s taste in cocktails is subjective, so try whatever grabs your eyes at the following lovely and lively watering holes, apart from the ‘must-try drinks’ we recommend.

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1. Village 36, Assagao
Village 36 is an exquisite SE Asian restaurant and bar with a chic ambience. The dishes on its menu, inspired by the exotic cuisines of countries like Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam, make the place a promising contender for the list of the best restaurants and cocktail bars in Goa. The vibrant bar in the al fresco dining area boasts some striking cocktails. Bubble Butt, one of their signature drinks - is a cheeky sip of pure fun. It’s beautiful to look at and tastes as luscious as its name. With the right balance of sweet and sour flavours derived from house raspberry syrup, lychee gin, and vermouth, it’s a drink that will keep you coming back for more. We also recommend their Thai Chai - every sip is a burst of refreshing zingy flavours. The bar hosts exciting events with live music every Tuesday and weekend – so it’s a good time to swing by and soak up the scene.

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2. Ida, Vagator
Ida is a boutique bar & kitchen with a relaxing vibe and a lush green garden.ts name translates to 'In the Moment,' in Sanskrit, and stepping inside, you'll quickly see how it lives up to this serene and zen-inspired ethos. You’ll likely first notice the quirky little bar counter that was once an actual wooden boat. Dock right here to savour your drinks. Atta Matcha is one of their most popular cocktails – a delicious, gin-based tropical drink infused with kaffir lime, coconut rum, lychee, and coconut water ice that packs a real punch. We also recommend Mr. Clear Skies, a perfectly colourless summer sundowner with refreshing cucumber cordial and herbaceous basil notes. If you’re feeling a bit cloudy, it’s the perfect remedy for a brighter outlook.

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3. SoGo, Varca
SoGo Bar & Grill features on our list of some of the most unique cocktail bars in Goa. Open all day and all days of the week; this is a place where you can drop by for some boozy refreshments and satiating bar nibbles. The mixologists here don’t shy away from playing with various alcohols, including the classic Goan feni. Our suggestion: come here for a Goa cocktails marathon because there’s a lot you simply need to try, including The Geosmin (a guest favourite with blended Scotch), Dukshiri Fizz, and the alluring Pink Piranha.

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4. Room One, Assagao
The dimly lit interiors of this new cocktail bar are a sight to behold, but that isn’t why Room One has made it to this list. What truly earns Room One some room on our list is the cocktail '1979,' a gin creation inspired by a song of the same name by the band French 79. The blend of gin, Thai bitters, and kaffir lime never fails to hit the spot on a sunny day in Goa. After relishing a glass or two, you better call Sid.. err.. we mean order  Better Call Sid, a mango feni cocktail spiced with aromatic curry leaves. Also, here’s another honourable mention: Paletto.

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5. The Assa House, Assagao
Assagao undoubtedly stands out as a prime destination for bar-hopping and savoring expertly crafted cocktails in Goa. Following a delightful excursion to Village 36 and Room One, stop by The Assa House, to ensure your night concludes on a high note. Order a glass of Fabulous Fall, a delightful whisky cocktail with green apple juice, thyme bitters, and a dash of honey. And for a ‘picture-perfect’ evening (pun intended), order the highly Instagrammable cocktail, Hold On Gold, next.

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6. Como Agua, Vagator

Nestled perfectly between a lush green forest and the beach, this bar blends in beautifully with its tropical surroundings. The highlight of the restaurant’s interiors are the lantanas, sourced from the pristine mangroves of Northeast India. When you arrive here, start with the bourbon cocktail, Vetiver, inspired by the restaurant’s decor. The bar sources all its cocktail ingredients locally, including the vetiver in Vetiver. The root’s earthy fragrance and flavour give you the perfect introduction to Como Agua. Other cocktails on the must-try list are The Caprese, Golden Hour, and Valley Of Flowers. If you fancy a few Napoletana-style pizzas instead of the usual Goan bar bites while enjoying some refreshing rounds of cocktails, Como Agua is the perfect place for you.

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7. Tamil Table, Assagao
Wine and dine at Tamil Table to enjoy the quintessential taste of South India in not just the cuisine but also the cocktails. You better not miss the joy of sipping on their Kapi Martini, especially if you are one of the countless connoisseurs of filter coffee. This rum-based craft cocktail with chocolate coffee liqueur and chilli chocolate shavings is sure to blow you away. Experience the refreshing essence of coastal South India with Vasantha Neer, a cocktail that beautifully blends the authentic flavor of tender coconut for a delightful tropical twist. If something fruity is what you crave, order a glass of Jamun Club– a cocktail with dry gin, sweet basil, and lime juice, followed by a glass of the scotch-based Apple Crumble. Make sure you scan the food menu to pair your cocktails with the yummiest delicacies of Pondicherry for a well-rounded experience.

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