Cafés That Serve the Best Coffee in Goa

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Booze is nice, but coffee is bae – even when you’re vacationing with your gang in Goa. And the coffee trends in Goa are far from meh! Sip on a cup or two at all the cute coffee places mentioned below, and you will remember Goa for its coffee more than anything else. For sure! Here is a curated list of the cafes that serve the best coffee in Goa just for you.

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1. Mademoiselle

Visit The Café at Mademoiselle Boutique Hotel, in Assagao for its soothing vibe and a menu full of lip-smacking light bites like pastries, croissants, crêpes and fondues. But what steals the show, of course, is the specialty grade coffee by Bili Hu, sourced from Chikmagalur.They serve all kinds of coffee – piping hot as well as ice cold; from Lungo to Cortado to Affogato to Macchiato. This cute pastel-themed cafe will remind you of gorgeous Parisian boulangeries. Get ready to take some tres chic, ‘Emily in Paris’ style pictures for your ‘gram posing with your cuppa joy. We can just picture it now ‘Oh mon Dieu!’ *le sigh*

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2. Bloom & Brew

Kick back with sunshine and caffeine to maintain your sunny personality in this boho-chic cafe. Bloom and brew is as chill as it gets. Low table, floor seatings, wide lazy cushions and a relaxed vibe. Channel your inner hippie and unwind here surrounded by greens. Bloom & Brew makes for a great place to just sit, relax and endlessly chat over some really good gourmet coffee and cocktails. The rustic cafe also hosts some gigs with live music performances, flea markets and art workshops, routinely. It really does justice to Assagao’s nickname – the Artist’s Village.

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3. Cocoa Moga

Artisanal brews and delicious bakes too! Cocoa Moga is a pretty little dollop of sunshine in Mapusa, Goa. Best described as a garden café and bakehouse serving good ol’ coffee and preservative free bakes; it’s owned and run by a charming husband and wife team who are only happy to chat with you as you order. Carry a book and read it on a hammock while enjoying your beverage, occasionally gazing up to take in the serene view of the paddy fields around you. It’s quiet enough to work with your laptop, too. Try the Pastrami Sandwich, Croissants, Pain Au Chocolat and freshly made Orange Ginger Soda from their menu, apart from the sublime coffee.

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4. Hello Sunshine

If you orchestrate your mornings to the tunes of coffee, Hello Sunshine is just the right blend of breakfast and brews for you to groove to. The vibrant cafe with its colourful interiors is a great breakfast and brunch spot. Their exceptional coffee beans are sourced from Karnataka’s ‘Land of Coffee’, you guessed it - Chikmagalur. The all-day cafe offers a mix of local and international cuisines like Turkish Eggs, Falafel Wraps and Halloumi Tacos. We highly recommend the place for your ‘wake up cup’. Also, do try the kombucha available at a stall in the café, prepared fresh daily by 2 wonderful women from the Himalayan hills.

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If this image is putting you in the mood for caffeine, then you’ll be happy to know it’s sourced from one of the highest hills in the southern region, where the conditions are just right to produce superior high-elevation coffee. Lo and behold premium rare estate coffee from Coelho’s Gold, sourced especially for the guests of Villa In Palms. Wake up to the best coffee in North Goa in your private holiday home amidst the greenest of Goan nature. Enjoy an unlimited supply of robust, smooth flavours of espresso, cortado, americanos or good old cappuccinos whenever you like.

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Enjoy sips of joy lounging by the poolside or with that novel you just can’t put down, in the evening on your private deck. Your VIP Experiences Manager will even go out of the way to bring you flaky croissants from the best local bakers and your private chef can prepare scrumptious muffins to go along with your flavourful coffee. And whenever the urge strikes to step outside for a coffee craving from one of Goa’s cafes, your personal chauffeurs will drive you there in utmost comfort and style in your very own luxury SUVs. Have a look at the award winning 5-bedroom neo-tropical estate here.

We hope this quick read has got you up to speed on all the coffee trends in Goa. And when you do call us to book Villa In Palms, just mention that you’re a coffee lover and we’ll have the best coffee in north goa waiting for you on arrival, just as you step in.

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