Exclusive Experiences For Your Goa Bucket List

Yeah, yeah, everyone knows how to have fun in Goa. Go on cruises, chill at beaches, enjoy fresh seafood, see the old churches - you know the drill. But if you’re in the mood to have some unique experiences in Goa, read this blog till the end. We’ve handpicked some exceptional experiences that will give you invaluable memories for a lifetime, during your Goa trip.

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1. The Lab by Countertop

The Lab by Countertop is what labs are for: experiments. But these are of a fun and delicious kind, you’d fight to be guinea pigs for them! Situated in Sadhana Dell Arte, Merces Goa, the innovative space is dedicated to bringing new and exciting products to the forefront of the beverage industry. Apart from tasting sessions, it supports lifestyle and cultural events like book launches, gypsy kitchens and food experiences within its indoor setting, comprising ten covers and accommodating around fifty guests. The Lab is quickly becoming a go-to destination for those seeking extraordinary beverage experiences in Goa. Its unique collaborations with industry leaders, intimate atmosphere and creative drinks make it stand out from Goa’s already-lit booze scene. Add it to your Goa bucket list and thank us later.

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2. Bread Making by Paris Pao

All you need for endless fun is flour, water, yeast, salt and a Parisian baker! Siddharth Gogel, the guy who opened the Siolim bakery called Paris Pao, was born and brought up in Paris itself, before actualising his love for bread making in Goa. Breadmaking is a fine balance of intuition and chemistry. And thanks to Siddharth, you need not visit France to bake and savour some classic baguettes like Le Zèbre. If you’re staying at Villa In Palms, just let us know of your interest and our VIP Experiences Manager will make this personal experience even more interesting for you. We’ll take care of all the arrangements and even hook you up with a photographer to capture all the a-dough-rable moments you and your special ones create. Take home candid shots of faces full of flour, messy hands baking and eyes filled with laughter. We can even arrange to have the experience at your holiday home in case you don’t feel like stepping out.

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3. Feast in the Fields by Urbanaut

Urbanaut is a travel & discovery app that curates unique, safe, sustainable and bookable experiences across India as well as the globe. It has more than 80 in Goa alone! The best one, hands down, is called ‘Feast in the Fields', in which you indulge in delicious farm-to-table
meals at a serene spot in the fields.

Our team at Villa in Palms, curated the most exciting feast in collaboration with them when Akshay Kumar & Twinkle Khanna spent their holidays at the 5 bedroom neo-tropical villa, in North Goa. And we would be so happy to arrange the same for you! Trust us, it’s an unforgettable experience. Urbanaut also offers other experiences like sitting for feni tasting in a natural, spring-fed pond; plunging into hidden pools and waterfalls, yachting and kayaking through the mangrove-dense backwaters of Goa and lots more.

Your luxury holiday mode of transport - chauffeur-driven Mercedes SUVs - will drive you to any of the above, when you stay with us.


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4. Intuitive Art Therapy by Gaurika Noor

Here’s a fun experience that makes you relax and rejuvenate as you dive into the depths of your subconscious. How? By giving it a creative release through interdisciplinary expressive arts like painting, contemplative photography, movement and creative writing. All this after a prior consultation followed by a meditative practice which you can opt to do over a beach mandala or in your very own private space at Villa In Palms, amidst nature. Book the gorgeous villa with its lush green gardens, and spaces designed for vibing with nature and find your centre of calm. Isn’t that what great holidays are made of? Experience a creative release through art and navigate your mind to get clarity. The best part is - you don’t need any prior art training or bothering yourself with any arrangements. Trust your VIP Experiences Manager at your holiday abode by V Escapes to take care of it all for you. All you have to do is let your mind loose and allow it to fully express itself! The result is way more beautiful than what you’d expect.

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All the above suggestions are curated by the wonderful team of Villa In Palms. Here’s a look at some more experiences, your future-holiday home in North Goa, offers. But there are plenty more exclusive ones reserved for you. One way to find out what they are - book your stay! We’ve got some exciting new packages for 2023!

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