Experiential Holidaying in Goa

Beach with blue pristine waters

Experiential travel or immersion travel is slowly and steadily claiming a big space on itineraries across the globe. If Netflix’s show ‘The world’s most amazing vacation rentals’ is quickly filling up your international travel bucket list, put that pen down for a bit and read this.

Your off-beat, immersive holiday experience is now closer than you think! The destination of pure joy, the sunshine state, the beach capital of the country – Goa, is no longer just a place to party the night away. It’s evolved into a destination of diversity, with a range of experiences to appease every kind of traveller.

The only catch, you need to know the scene, to be part of the scene. Goa is where cultures mingle, where international becomes local and it’s also where the ‘cool’ places are not always in the limelight, sometimes they’re hiding; hiding from the commercial listicles that every tourist uses to make his Goa hotspots list.

Lucky for you, we’re well immersed and dialled in the local scene. We’ve put together a list of some very exclusive experiences that you can indulge in Goa, to really soak in the exploding cultural vibe, engage with the locals, be part of the community and take away wonderful memories that we promise will forever stay in your insta feeds.

Top down shot of people having a meal

The Floating Feni

First up, is the floating feni!

Enjoy the spirit of Goa, quite literally. Feni is the famous Goan liquor distilled from cashews or palms. Picture this, your feet soaked in water and a flight of feni with your meal on a private table that’s floating on the water. It’s what feni fantasies are made of. If you’re not yet a feni drinker, trust us after this experience with you feni well will be!

A person canoeing 2


Row, row, row your Kayak, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily down the stream. Explore the rivers and backwaters of Goa as you Kayak through mangroves in the hinterlands of the state. Say hello to the rising sun and greet the chirping birds of Goa, we have such a large variety, that every bird watcher is sure to have a chirpier day. If you’re lucky you may even spot a crocodile!
You can Kayak in North Goa - from Mandovi & Chapora or South Goa at the river Sal, whatever floats your boat. Cycling Zens, will make sure your Kayaking experience is as zen as it can be!

A person walking with a cycle on a bridge


Electric cycles, with assisted pedalling to take you on a 2 wheeler joyride. E-bikes by Cycling Zens will make your journey smoother, so you can pedal longer. Discover the untouched beauty of Goa on cycle. Feel the soft breeze hit your smiling face as you pedal away to glory. It’s the perfect group activity to enjoy with family or friends.Take personalised cycling tours to Devar island or around North Goa and end the adventure on wheels with a yummy breakfast at local bakeries. Discover Goa, in a whole new way.

Pouring red wine into a glass

Bread Making and Wine Tasting 

What pairs best with bread and wine? You! Paris Pao, will have you kneading love. A fun baking session with local ingredients, where you make your own bread and eat it too! The half Indian half French baker, Sid and his beautiful partner Sheena will make it an experience to remember. Glasses of wine will go down easy, setting the most perfect mood for your evening in Paris. Sheena captures candid moments that you’ll treasure long after this experience.

A person pouring batter into a silicon mould

Chocolate Tempering, Chocolate Tasting, Chocolate Pairing with alcohol

An essential coco threesome for every chocolate lover. We’re taking ‘chocoholics’ to the next level, pairing delicious chocolates with the alcohol of your preference - wine, beer or gin. Temper the chocolates, mould them in fancy shapes, spike them with flavours of your choice and relish it all in sinfully indulgent sips and bites.

Yacht in the ocean

Yacht Cruise

Sunrise, sunset or afternoon - whatever time you choose, a memorable time is guaranteed. Cruise the breathtaking Arabian Sea or Goa backwaters in style, on a luxury yacht. Sundown celebrations or special afternoons to celebrate occasions, whatever you please, can be curated for you.

Beer bottle about to fall in the pool

Brewery Visit

Make a day out of Maka Di Brewery! This is where craft meets innovation. Enjoy flavourful craft brews made in this fully automated brewery as you tour the space and watch how the magic is made. Beer lovers, are sure to have an unbeer-evable day. Here’s a hint, a pint won’t be enough. Kick back with some fun games, explore the brewery and choose from the many tour packages they offer to indulge in a truly local goan experience.

Have we got you excited about your next Goan vacation? We want you to immerse yourself in the local culture and get a real taste of Goa, not just the touristy Goa but the authentic Goa that lives, breathes, and thrives away from the commercial tourist’s eyes.

And here is the best part, when you stay with us at Villa In Palms by V Escapes (Goa) our VIP Experiences Manager will curate personalised experiences for you. What’s more? If you don’t wish to step out, we’ll bring Goa right home to you with our in-house experiences.

You can read more about our experiences and events here, and for more details feel free to contact us. We’ll see you soon!