Goa in the Monsoon Season

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Goa is known for being laid back. If the city were a person, most of us would describe it as ‘chill', ’easy-going’ and ’party-loving’. And those are exactly the words we would use to describe Goa in the monsoons.

Like an easy-going person, Goa goes with the flow. Seasons change and the city adapts. We welcome the undisturbed city when it pours.

Greet hello to unobstructed green views, water droplets kissing happy swaying leaves, rippling rivers and an undeniable fresh feel in the air. Sigh. It’s a city in a happy state of mind.
Goa is a great monsoon getaway if you’re looking to embrace the season and find some serenity away from the concrete city life.

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If staying in with a blanket, hot chocolate, smiling at the trickling rain, and feeling the romance it brings, sounds like your thing, then Villa In Palms is the place for you. The gorgeous 5 bedroom villa was made for soulful breaks. The rustic-chic villa is designed with the perfect balance of indoor-outdoor living. Tall palms encompass the villa and you’ll find them even inside it. Glass walls give unobstructed lush views and the beautiful trees that surround it have been incorporated as part of the home’s design aesthetic. Villa In Palms has won 5 awards for its architectural beauty and honestly, its beauty comes to life in the season of rain. Click here, to see for yourself.

A staff of 15 that includes 2 private chefs, a bartender, chauffeurs, and a Villa Experiences Manager are at your beck and call to ensure you and your gang have the most comfortable stay.

Picture sultry evenings with elegant high-tea service, snuggly nights listening to the rain and watching your favourite movies while bingeing on bottomless bowls of popcorn and sipping hot cocoa; gaming nights with your posse on the PS5 or good old board games and conversations that fight with sleep and go on till 4 am. That’s what we’ve witnessed of our guests in the monsoon.

What’s more? Unlike being punished with staying locked up at home, confined to the indoors when it pours, Goa has many experiences to enjoy even outdoors! Here are some Goan monsoon experiences that top our list -

The Mandovi River runs alongside a verdant forest

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1. A Drive to Dewar Island & Chorao Island

Untouched by commercialisation, these quiet islands in the Mandovi river are where time stands still. Beautiful lush greens grow wild, dense mangroves thrive, birds sing with joy and nature truly comes to life. Dewar island is located about 10kms away from Panjim and is a tranquil slice of paradise. Charao is a favourite for bird watchers, thanks to the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. Both places are beautiful spots to introduce yourself to a different side of Goa, the one minus the shacks and busy beaches, the one where peace and tranquillity persists.

cycling in the rain

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2. Cycling in the Rain With B:live Tours

Remember the days you begged and pleaded with your mom to let you play in the rain with your friends? Whether you did it back in your childhood or not, now is your chance to go riding in the rain. Bike around Goa effortlessly on e-bikes and navigate through the unseen streets of the city. You’ll be smiling as you peddle around giggling making memories. Cycling in the monsoon season in Goa, is a bucket list experience.

decorative crowns made for the Sao Joao festival in Goa

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Sao Joao Celebration takes place on a boat

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3. Sao Joao Celebration

24th June, the birthday of St.John the Baptist is celebrated in the most peculiar way in Goa. The only place in the world where the celebration post mass is completed by jumping into wells! That’s right. Local catholics sing traditional songs with men wearing gorgeous kopels on their heads and parade through the streets commemorating the saint and end the celebration by jumping into wells in groups together. It’s a beautiful festival, worth witnessing at least once in your life.

A Casino Boat floats in the sea

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4. Hit the Casinos

We believe Lady luck is prosperous in the monsoon. Why? She makes it rain at the casinos, afterall! Come rain or shine, Goa’s casinos are always open for you to play and make an extra dime! We recommend Deltin Royale, it’s Asia’s largest off-shore casino. And offers games, live entertainment, buffet spreads and amazing views as you float on the ship.

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All these monsoon activities can be booked for you by the Villa Experiences Manager at Villa In Palms. You can enjoy the pitter-patter of raindrops falling around you while you soak up some warmth in the villa’s hot jacuzzi and request the manager to curate an itinerary that’s perfect for you.

Villa In Palms, also offers some in-house entertainment with exclusive experiences that can be arranged for you at the villa itself on days you don’t feel like getting out. Click here, to check out some of the experiences offered.

June, July, and August are the best months to enjoy the monsoon season in Goa. And now that we’ve given you all the essential rain information, it’s time you start reserving your holiday bookings. Don’t wait too long though, the best place to stay in Goa in monsoon, Villa In Palms, gets sold out for the season pretty quickly.

For reservations and enquiries, call +91 9372323328 or visit vescapes.com