Guide to a Gorgeous Goan Monsoon

A woman looking at the sky

The Rain Gods have awakened. We’re in season 2 of the pandemic and the weather change is the plot twist you’ve been waiting for all summer. The monsoon season is about to make the storyline incredibly interesting. Well, at least in Goa.

While the cities are getting waterlogged, traffic is becoming more of a nuisance and all you can do is stare out of your high-rise’s window and watch the rain drain onto the crowded streets below; Goa is opening its eyes to misty mornings, gorgeous greenery and the beautiful smell of petrichor.

Yes, Goa is a whole new vibe in the monsoons.

As we open doors at Villa In Palms to our guests again, we’re all set to make a splash this season.

Coziness Above All Else

Warm blankets,fluffy pillows, beds that you will sink in. Pure egyptian cotton sheets with a thread count Marie Antoinette would approve of - are waiting to catch your fall into the bed and engulf you in soft cuddles. Stay in, relax, we’ll bring you a warm cappuccino in bed with extra froth. Mmmmmm delicious!

Not only that, our V lounge also features the ‘cloud couch’ made famous by its presence in Kylie Jenner’s house. You can sit back, relax and float away into a Jenner-esque fantasy world where you will literally feel like you’re floating on a soft plushy cloud.

Food kept on a coffee table in the garden

Monsoon Menu

Our culinary team is super excited to make you some comfort food. Our chefs have crafted scrumptious versions of flavourful dishes that pair perfectly with the weather. Whether you’re a ‘Chai-Pakora’ kind of person or you like a hot bowl of sweet corn soup or your heart is dreaming of a cheesy lasagna or a mushroom risotto with truffle oil - we’ve got restaurant quality dishes in-house and a staff to serve you whatever your heart desires.

Finding Peace

Allow us to paint you a picture. Imagine yourself perched in luxury, surrounded by glass walls showcasing lush greens glistening with raindrops; breathing in fresh air and the sounds of singing bowls engulfing you with healing vibrations. Can you just feel the peace?
Our therapists can conduct sublime sound healing sessions for you to cleanse your auras and balance your divine chakras. We also offer guided meditation sessions to help you find peace and calm.

Keep Calm and Stream On

Get cozy in the V-lounge, park yourself in front of our 86 inch OLED screen and immerse yourself in your favourite Tv shows or movies. We have every OTT platform there is, in each and every television set in the house, so you can watch your favourite series wherever you please. On a gloomy rainy day, may we recommend you watch Zach Braff’s ‘Garden state’ or a classic like ‘Breakfast at Tiffanys’. If you’re in the mood to binge, a feel-good marathon of the new season of ‘Never have I ever’ or even rewatching theHarry Potter movies with the kids is a good option.

Drinks kept alongside a blanket

Rain Party

Villa In Palms, is the party house of your dreams. A gorgeous pool,a pool bar and Community speakers that will blow your mind away. Switch on your favourite rainy day chill mix playlist and party away in the rains from the comfort of our beautiful home. Have a drink or two or three, who cares about the count when the weather is so good and you’re just enjoying jamming to your favourite sounds.

Get out and Goa

Yes, we used ‘Goa’ as a verb; because the city is a whole new feeling itself during this season. If being indoors is not your thing, step out and get exploring. Much like the summer anthem Watermelon sugarhigh has resurrected itself with its latest sea-side remix your favourite summer sea-side state has its own remixed version during this season. And it's extraordinary. The once hot summer sun is now singing duets with the rain gods, dancing with the grey clouds.While the bars are open, the restaurants are serving some fantastic local cuisine, the crowded beaches are secluded and calling out for you.

One can argue that hill stations during the monsoon are passe. We’ve all been there and done that. But Goan monsoons? They’re here to stay. Villa In Palms is tucked away in North Goa, close to the beaches and the buzzing goan scene but eclipsed from the noisy city with its gorgeous greenery. 19 tall palm trees stand tall and proud, bathing in the rains, awaiting your presence to come experience the beauty they have to offer.

We have taken every precaution to make your stay here safe and stress free. Our wonderful crew is waiting to pamper you and drive away those city induced monsoon blues. Are you ready for the perfect rainy escape?