Guide to Finding Luxury in Everyday Life

If the past year has taught us anything it is to be grateful for what we mostly began to take for granted: health, time with loved ones, and travel, just to name a few. Solitude and social distancing have been a challenge, which we found ways to overcome. Some cooked, some exercised, some Netflix-ed, and others learned new skills. We have missed our guests, sharing stories, exchanging warm smiles, and creating bonds that stay with you forever. For the V Escapes team, our deepest happiness comes from pampering our guests and offering a holiday that indulges and celebrates them.

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While our doors are open to welcome you again, we wanted to share our guide to finding luxuries even while you are at home because you deserve it!

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Nurture Nature in Your Home

Say ‘Aloe’ To Home Plants / Say Hello To Your Soil Mates

A barefoot walk in the early morning dew is proven to lift your mood. If you can’t go out to nature, bring a small part of it to you. Gardening and tending to plants can refresh your mind and home. Look for tips online on how to be a home gardener even if you have very little space. Imagine plucking your own coriander or basil for that fresh pesto or watching a flower bloom. There is magic in witnessing life grow!

‘Thyme’ To Grow A Herb Family

Green plants with bright flowers tend to make their surroundings feel invigorated and relaxed, bringing happiness and joy - giving you the serotonin boost you need. Fragrant plants like peppermint, lavender, chamomile are also known for their stress-relieving properties and help promote calm. You can even plant a tiny herb garden for yourself and relish the fresh herbs daily. Cook with them and create your ‘farm to table’ experience right at home.

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Find Your Bliss with Self-care

A Soothing Bath

Make bathtime a ritual. Soak in a luxurious bubble bath while sipping on some bubbly drink and immersing yourself in a book. Or light a few aromatic candles, put on that organic face mask, and kick back for the day. If you don’t have a bathtub, even standing under the shower and feeling the water trickle down from your head to your toes can be extremely relaxing. Just make sure to play your favourite playlist to tune out the “noise”! It is one of the best self care treatments.


Pamper yourself with essential oils. Use them as bath salts or add them to your massage oil. Use a splash of 3% of concentrated essential oils on your clothes and pillows - it will work wonders for your mood. Lavender will ensure a good night’s sleep and orange will refresh you. 

Less Screen Time, More Me Time

Self-care also implies cutting down on your screen-time. A 2:00 AM reel-scrolling marathon means your body doesn’t get enough time to switch off before you fall asleep. Massaging your feet or having a warm cup of chamomile tea can be great substitutes for screen-time before bed. Instead, listen to an audiobook or download the app CALM and substitute screen time for “me time”. The key is baby steps, try cutting down at least 15 to 20 minutes of your screen time every week till you meet your goal.

The Love Language of Touch

If you’re lucky to share hugs, give your family the gift of a warm hug. Physical touch goes a long way, especially in the ‘era’ of social distancing. Giving yourself foot massages, acupressure points, and rhythmic breathing are excellent do-it-yourself therapies that release oxytocin helping you cope with the feeling of being cooped. Cuddle your pets if you are a pet parent.

Ensure that you give yourself enough care, which can feel comforting at times like these.

A person pouring dressing on a salad

Have a Plateful of Happiness & Sweat Out the Toxins

Happiness In Your Plate

Your happiness is in your hands, but sometimes, it is also on your plate. Calming foods, and happy foods like green tea, raw walnuts, berries, quinoa, or dark chocolate release endorphins that can help you deal with the exhaustion of being shut-in. Make yourself a cup of piping hot chai or smooth matcha and enjoy five calming minutes of surrender and living in the moment.

Gym For The Weekend And Weekdays, Too!

WFH (work from home) has been very demanding for most. Sitting hours in front of the screen may have left you neglecting your exercise routine. It won’t work out if you don’t work out. Start with getting up from your work chair or couch and walking around a bit. Set reminders or prompts for yourself on your fitness trackers to increase that step count. Aim for walking at least 250 steps every hour. Once you start exercising, you can take up challenging workouts like 5 minutes of HIIT exercises to increase your stamina.

Gyms may be closed, but your fitness doesn’t have to be. Expose your body to the sun by doing Surya namaskar on your balcony at sunrise.

Try Chloe Ting or The Pilates Class for free sessions. With an abundance of fitness apps, challenges, and videos available online, you can plan a workout that suits your schedule.

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Break the Monotony

‘Netflix and Chill’

Although we are all guilty of binging on Netflix, we can divert the “couch potato” in us by watching spectacular documentaries such as ‘A Life on Our Planet’ that expand our minds to the natural beauty of the world and ignite a sense of gratitude within.

‘LOL’ In The Time of Corona

Enjoy the little things in life. Like laughing. Swap watching stress-inducing news with funny videos or stand-up comedy. Pull out dusty albums that you stashed in an attic and look at old photographs. It won’t just bring back special memories, but a silly snap or two might even encourage heartwarming giggles!

Family Time

Spend time with your family, and play board games; games night is a fun way of adding excitement to the whole family's routine. Organize a musical karaoke night over a Zoom call with your homies to liven up everyone’s spirits. Get creative. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure you don’t mention the P-word (aka, pandemic).

The Art of Altruism

Apart from donating online, you can also imbibe altruism in your daily life. Asking for your neighbour’s grocery list while stepping out to shop for yourself. Or connect with a friend or a relative, asking them how they are holding up.