Local Cafes in Goa, Guided by a Local

Go Goa local! Goa has always been vocal for local. Even when it wasn’t a national campaign, it’s always been part of Goa’s intrinsic culture. Goans are big on community. Even when you visit, walk the streets, interact with the local cafe, restaurant, small business owners you’ll see how the spirit of fostering the local community is ingrained in every Goan. We love promoting our friends, families, friends of friends, friends of the family, let’s just say everyone’s business. What can we say, we’re quite possibly the friendliest folk you’ll meet. With new cafe’s popping up literally every other week, it can become challenging figuring out which ones to visit and which ones to skip on your short visit. So we’ve compiled a list of some local cafes you must check out when you’re here. Bookmark this page and share the link with your friends. This one’s a keeper.

delicacies at a local cafe in Goa


Padaria Prazeres

Started by Le Cordon Bleu alumnus Ralph and his wife Stacy, this delightful bakery/cafe serves slices of Europe on Goa’s sandy shores. The charming yellow and blue exteriors make you feel like sunshine the minute you spot the place in Panjim. And a sense of comfort envelops, the minute you walk in. Sit down, order yourself an indulgent Portuguese custard tart, Salmon cream cheese bagel, Dark Chocolate or Bailey’s Ganache Berliner and the comfort levels are bound to go up several notches.

delicacies at a local cafe in goa 1


Larder + Folk

Do the words buttermilk fried chicken in a Hot Gai Sandwich turn you on? Are you always salivating for a scrumptious sourdough? Are chocolate tarts, lemon doughnuts and tiramisus - unmiss-able for you? If yes, you better sit down at Larder + Folk. This cloud kitchen turned cafe was started by Priyanka; after a stint at the Culinary Institute of America in New York. She followed her passions to be a chef and you’ll be most thankful for it once you visit. Trust us, this cute cafe is serving all forms of indulgences, just ask Rhea Kapoor, who Priyanka’s catered for on several occasions. And on your way out from here you can even grab some of their gourmet sauces and dips to take the taste of Larder + Folk home.

delicacies at a local cafe in goa 3



Healthy hearty snacks and fresh brewed coffee under the Champa and Karri Pattaa trees. Teal plates and teal cups, serving sips of heaven from Blue Tokai coffee roasters. Peace. Quiet. You, a book and some crepes. In these sentences we feel we’ve captured the essence of Teal in Fontainhas. If the picture sounds appealing to you, come while away the day.

delicacies at a local cafe in goa 2



FTR is India's very first vinyl records bar. Owner and audiophile Buland Shukla describes it as ‘a place to listen to some music on vinyl while sipping on local brews.’ And we couldn’t have framed it better. The local brews include craft Feni cocktails, kombuchas and delicious coffees. Step into another time in this grungy melodious hole in the wall. And yes, they’ve got food too! From sourdough pizzas to aged meats, pork chops in fermented bimli sauce and even a black garlic dessert. FTR stretches the flavour possibilities of an ingredient through fermentation while being agnostic of standard or established styles.

delicacies at a local cafe in goa 4


Grind bar

Quaint, minimalistic, freshly baked croissants and freshly brewed strong coffee. This is the hipster coffee bar of Anujna. Find creative freelancers and locals grinding away their day, with sips of coffee and even some cocktails while delicious music plays. Skip the touristy brunchy spots for an easy refreshing casual brunch here. Try their Dense Chocolate loaf, a classic Pour Over, delicious baked goods and their Eggplant Parm Toast when you’re over. Also, do check out the sound room for DJ Discoman’s vinyl playlist, you’ll love the sounds. We all do!

the facade of our escape in Goa

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