The Best Brands Offering Homegrown Alcohol in Goa: Part 2

The banner shows a person holding a bottle of Matinee Gin next to two glasses

There are simply way too many noteworthy Indian distilleries that offer homemade alcohol in Goa, to sum up in the 1st part of our blog on the greatest homegrown alcohol brands in Goa. So, V Escapes presents 4 more handpicked ones with part 2 of this series!
The must-try Indian brands enlisted below may or may not be available outside Goa. That’s why: when in Goa, better drink Goan!

Bottles and chalices in a trunk

1. Segredo Aldeia
Founded by Aman Thadani, Segredo Aldeia is a local Goan rum distillery that literally means ‘secret village’ in Portuguese. The name signifies the story of the rum-arkable brand. Segredo Aldeia is recreating a long-lost rum recipe from a secret village near River Mandovi, which is no less than a treasure in the history of alcohol! Segredo Aldeia’s signature serve, the Café Rum, is best enjoyed on the rocks (not kidding). It’s White Rum, on the other hand, goes best with a top-up of soda and a garnish of sliced grapefruit. It would be cruminal to not get a bottle of each of these 2 refreshing rums on your boozy vacay in Goa.

Two bottles and a cocktail glass - Villa in Palms by V Escapes

2. Matinee Gin
Without a doubt, Matinee Gin is a must-have for gin connoisseurs because it has 4 indigenous Indian ingredients local to Goa, that are used in no other gin in the world. And because it is currently available in the state of Goa alone, getting hold of a bottle itself is a big win! You’ll have no trouble finding it in bars, restaurants and liquor stores in Goa, though. This smooth Goan local liquor with a citrus forward ?nish is, so far, the only offering by Lavanya Jayashankar’s distillery. You’re sure to be amazed by this Indian craft gin twice – once by the vibrant illustration on the bottle and then by the unique ?avour notes of the ‘Goa local liquor’ itself.

A person holds a Matinee Gin bottle

3. Tamras Indian Dry Gin
Gin for the win, once again! Spouses Devika Bhagat and Khalil Bachooali independently own the Adventurist Spirits Distillery, a craft-spirits-only distillery with an Experience Centre where you can actually see the distillation, the blending and the bottling process with your naked eyes, before indulging in an organised private tasting of Tamras Indian Dry Gin. We recommend the private tasting with our heart and soul, instead of getting introduced to this distinguished copper-distilled gin at a bar or local store. This is the only craft gin in India which distils fresh, whole-fruit citrus in winter. Its balanced taste, nuanced aroma and rich fnish are all you need to experience to make it your go-to gin in India.

Tamras Indian Dry Gin sits on the table

4. Great State Aleworks
Great State Aleworks is a new, experimental, collaborative and community-forward home brewery in Goa, founded by Nakul Bhonsle. The 2 bestsellers this Indian brand has totally n-ale-d are Brightside – a Belgian witbier and Hazy Daze – a New England IPA. They’re available in over 60 bars and restaurants across Mumbai, Pune and Goa. The ones in Goa include Slow Tide, Cajy Bar, Hideaway, Ida, and Antonio@31. The brewery’s Millet Beer Series is an initiative that promotes the harvesting and use of millets as a key ingredient in craft beers. Moral Fibre, the 5th beer of the series, is a pilsner in which jowar makes up 30% of the grain bill! It is now available for cool, refreshing sips in Goa.

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