The Top Urrak Cocktail Places in Goa

A drink hidden amid foliage - Villa in Palms by V Escapes

Feni may be the most popular Goan spirit, but is it really the people’s favourite? Meet urrak – its seasonal, milder and arguably yummier younger cousin. Simply put, fermented juice of ripe cashew apples is distilled once to make urrak (15% ABV) and twice to make feni (45% ABV). Because of its shorter shelf life, urrak must be consumed fresh. And being a naturally fruity beverage, urrak is used to make some of the most delicious cocktails you can ?nd in Goa in the season of cool cocktails – summer.

We got drunk on urrak all over Goa so you don’t have to. Read on to know the bars that make the best cocktails in Goa. And while you’re at it, think about planning your stay at Villa In Palms by V Escapes. Why? Because when you stay here, your VIP Experiences Manager will book all your tables and even arrange for exclusive experiences at some of these sought-after places. Not just that you’ll also have access to professional chauffeurs driving luxury Mercedes SUVs to take you there in style and bring you back in comfort no matter how ‘heavy’ the night! *wink wink*

Without further adieu, here are your stops for Goa’s best urrak cocktails - 

Two cocktails sit on the counter at Joseph Bar - Villa in Palms by V Escapes

1. Joseph's Bar, Fontainhas

Joseph Bar is a jolly ol’ local watering hole with modest indoor and outdoor seating in the Latin quarter of Panjim, called Fontainhas. Known to be one of the best feni bars in Goa, this place serves a bright red signature drink called Tambde Rosa, which owes its remarkable ?avour to kokum, rose and feni. In the summer, they make a new version of it with urrak, unsweetened kokum, squeezed lime, Limca and soda. There’s also the traditional urrak cocktail with Limca, soda, chilli and lime. Have both, they’re totally worth a shot!

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2. Village 36, Assagao
Village 36 is a South East Asian restaurant and bar that opened in Assagao earlier this year. It didn’t take long for it to be the talk of the town because of its lip-smacking cuisine, extraordinary cocktails and immaculate vibes. Now, it’s in the urrak race with 3 exquisite cocktails apart from the quintessential urrak drink called Classic Urrak, with Limca, soda, salt and chilli. If you’re a fan of the traditional aam panna, then not trying Ambli Che Panne from their urrak cocktail menu would be a sin! It’s as if summer was made for you to enjoy this seasonal mango and urrak Goan drink!

A person holds a drink - Villa in Palms by V Escapes

3. Pablo's Assagao
Pablo’sis a roadside hipster bar that plays some tasteful music records and offers an ever-changing menu of cocktails. In summer, it’s all about urrak – with fresh and flavourful local ingredients like kokum, jamun and jaljeera. The food menu only has small bites. So come here with your buddies after lunch or dinner in Assagao, click some photos at the picturesque skatepark in the backyard and in front of the quirky graf?ti on the walls, then sit back and savour some refreshing urrak cocktails like Kokum Special and Kalakhatta Urrak. The Classic Jungle Juice is the house favourite - and deserves a noteworthy mention.

A delicious looking drink with dried fruits on top rest on the counter at Hideaway

4. Hideaway, Vagator
Hideaway is a café, cocktail bar and performance space amidst rustling palm trees in Vagator. This summer, it’s offering some of the most innovative urrak cocktails with a series of bar takeovers. To give you an idea of their creativity, they have an urrak cocktail named Biryani that has urrak, caramelised onion, rice and spices and literally tastes like biryani in a glass! And guess what – it’s their bestseller! Other urrak specials you need to try here are Chamcha Gola (prepare for nostalgia), Brainfreeze (yes, you get it) and the smoking Aarambham.

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