Why You Should Staycation in Goa After New Year

You know what's an underrated time to vacation in Goa? When everyone's done vacationing! Like January, February, heck even March. Scroll on to know why - it really is worth it!

Basilica of Bom Jesus pictured during the day - Villa in Palms by V Escapes

1. Less Tourists, Less Traffic

"This photograph of the Basilica of Bom Jesus would look so pretty with a flock of tourists in colourful clothes," said no one ever! Trust us when we say that Goa's most gorgeous tourist spots are best enjoyed uncrowded. That's when they look as serene and beautiful as they actually are. And less tourists also means less traffic to get to the tourist spots. When would you get this luxury? Post December, of course. And it's cool to enjoy such serene beauty while the world is still hungover from New Year and getting ready to go to work! LOL.

Goa beach with a few boats docked in the sand - Villa in Palms by V Escapes

2. Amazing Weather

Goa is the coolest in January. And it's pleasant-cool, not icy cool. It's also quite green, almost like in the monsoon. What's more, there are lesser chances of getting sunburnt on beaches. The sand isn't hot either, so you can stroll on its softness barefoot. And Goa's beach shacks are open even in February. Winter trips to beaches are kind of underrated if you think about it. And the weather is absolutely perfect for bonfires, al fresco dining, rooftop bars and moonlit strolls.

Bird's eye view of the villas with the swimming pool in the centre at villa in palms

3. Better Deals Everywhere

Everything is just as good but much lighter on the pocket post new year's, starting right from the flights to Goa. And we're not just talking about prices, but the availability too. It's hard to snag a good deal in December when everything worth booking is already booked, be it hotel rooms, villas, tables at restaurants, bars or clubs. The first week of January is when the party season craziness ends and your options begin to open up. Take for instance, Villa In Palms. The gorgeous award-winning villa could be entirely yours to enjoy with attractive new package deals that are on offer in 2023. Call +91 9372323328 to find out more!

Dining tables set in front of a wall-art - Villa in Palms by V Escapes

4. Great Time to Chill at Restaurants & Bars

We mentioned al fresco while talking about the weather. And really, could any other format of dining on vacation be considered better? Imagine chilling out at bars without scrubbing elbows with others. Picture - no rain, no harsh sun, just you and your gang enjoying good food and good drinks out in the open breezy weather. Here's a fab new recommendation for open-air dining - Village 36 in Assagao. Sure to make you fall in love with Southeast Asian street food. Try their Duck Randang and Yum Woon Sen and you'll know what we mean. They cure their meats for 36 hours and smoke them in a special room to really intensify their flavour. The place is designed by Sussanne Khan and it's definitely a must-visit when you visit. Another perk of the season? You could get away without any prior reservations. Try the new Izumi, Thalassa Aswem and Vaayu Kula while you're here too!

Kayaking in Goan Back Waters - Villa in Palms by V Escapes

5. Exciting Activities & Extraordinary Experiences

Here's something wild: You could go island hopping on a BLive e-bike through Divar and Vanxim islands. You can even kayak through the lush green mangroves in Goa's backwaters. If you're a foodie, then this is sure to tempt you, you can even feast in the fields of Cazulo Feni. Frankly, you'll never run out of fun things to do in Goa. And you won't be paying through your nose either. It's a win-win.

The walkway, pool and the hotel exterior - Villa in Palms by V Escapes

So go ahead and text your homies on your WhatsApp group, and propose a killer post-New-Year Goa plan. Have a look at Villa In Palms, this can be the year you vacation here. There's no better time for it than 2023. We'll plan your whole itinerary, arrange for all your plans and experiences in Goa and make your staycation an absolute joyride because that's what we do! See you soon!