Wining and Dining at Goa's Best Restaurants and Bars of 2021

Chairs kept on a beach

Borrowing words from the infamous pop star Kesha,
“The party don’t start until” you walk into the party capital of India - GOA, baby!

That’s right, when you hit the sunshine state, you can’t not have a good time on your agenda. Nobody comes to Goa and leaves without having fun. Goans don’t recommend you leave with souvenirs and magnets, we want you to leave with memories. Memories so magnetic that they’ll always attract you back, to the land of beaches, lazy days, and the liveliest of nights. You come to Goa, to feel alive.

And if you’re in sync with the vibe of the city, you know Baga beach and its hotspots are as passe as the band Nsync. But we’ve curated a list of the hippest, trendiest, most happening joints in the city to ensure you have the most epic Goan experience, without missing a beat.

Here’s a list of the best restaurants in north goa.

Dining tables set under a canopy

Ida's, Vagator

Ida in Sanskrit means ‘in the moment’ and that’s exactly the vibe this family run restaurant offers. It’s a charming, low-key space, expect no frills, just a simple, laid back scene. Anushree and Ajay run the kitchen whereas Aneesha, their daughter manages the bar and Sean, their son, hosts the guests, ensuring you feel like part of the family every time you’re here. Go in for an authentic Goan experience; eat, drink and unwind. Their iconic ‘boat-bar’ is definitely insta-worthy, especially at night. Make sure you try some of Aneesha’s signature cocktails like the Cucumber Basil Gin Gimlet,Grape Gimlet
and Peach Basil Memoirs.
During the day, you’ll be surrounded by lush greenery, sunshine, chirping birds and a very chill vibe. There’s even a cute, friendly doggo to keep you company.
Recommended for Cocktails and ambiance.

Must-try cocktails: Tequila Buzz,Berry Daiquiri and any of the Gimlets.
Must-try on the menu: Blue pea rice, Mushroom galouti, and Old Monk chops
Special nights to visit: Saturday Bar Nights

Cocktail kept on a table
People hanging out in a club

El Patron, Chapora

Are you ever just sitting and your mind suddenly goes, ‘Shakira, Shakira’? Well, if you’re in Goa, it would go ‘Chapora, Chapora’ especially on a Tuesday night.
Why? Because Tuesday nights are Taco nights, duh! And you can’t miss the spec-taco-ular tacos at El Patron. We promise you won’t stop ‘taco-ing’ about them. It’s a Mexican street side bar with a shack vibe and a great spot for pre-drinking and some exhilarating music.
They serve the best variety of tequilas, worth every shot.
And delicious Mexican fare, that’s probably the fairest Mexican in Goa, at the moment.

Must-try cocktails: El Patron with their best tequila
Must-try on the menu: Prawn tacos and Mushroom quesadillas
Special nights to visit: Tuesday Tacos & Tequila Nights and Thursdays

Roboto ramen house entrance
Bowl of ramen served alongside a beer

Roboto, Candolim

If your heart wants to swipe right for a matcha when it hears yuzu, ramen, miso and wasabi, you’re not going to want to miss Roboto in Candolim.
The name is inspired by the song Mr. Roboto by Styx. Here, give it a listen.
Now imagine a cozy, Japanese-style ramen house with an outdoor bar and a casual, fun setting. Have we set the mood for you? Good. Now picture delicious Ramen bowls, noodles drowning in soup with sea-weed rafts that will go straight from the bowl to your mouth in a slurp. ‘Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto’ translation ‘Thank you, Mr. Roboto’ are exactly the words you’ll be leaving with. You’re welcome.

Must-try cocktails: Wabi Sabi, Elder 75, and Bees and Flowers
Must try on the menu: Beef Tataki, Kimchi Okonomiyaki and Tonkotsu Ramen

an outdoor restaurant set up

Prana Cafe, Anjuna

Walking into Prana you’ll be transported to Bali. The chill vibe, the lush field view and the shabby chic roofs of this outdoor cafe will make you feel like a hippy gone healthy. Healthy because the menu offers a variety of delicious smoothie bowls, think Kynd cafe in Bali, close your eyes, order and it shall appear in front of you, right in Anjuna. Honestly, it’s arguably one of the best cafes in north goa. Besides the smoothie bowls and smoothies, there are lots of options from around the world like wraps, tacos, burgers and noodles for you to choose from. Everything’s made from the freshest of ingredients and honestly, it's your ticket to Bali without the visa and ticket fare. The OG Prana Cafe is in Ashwem but the Anjuna counterpart has rightfully claimed their space as a healthy haven for locals and tourists alike.

Must-try cocktails: Prana Passion
Must-try food: Any of their Bowls, Nasi Goreng, Nori rolls, Jackfruit tacos
Special night: Saturdays

Bar counter with drinks kept on shelves

Darling's, Chapora

Goa’s best kept secret, is a secret no more, darling. This grungy bar with spray paint graffiti and a motorcycle literally floating above you while you’re drinking is the most popular late-night watering hole in Chapora. Darling’s has a street gang vibe with the friendliest feels. The bar has an indoor and outdoor area, with a pool table inside. One round, two rounds, three rounds, they’ll keep you going round till the wee hours of dawn, at least until they can. The best part about chilling here is the sense of community you feel with the locals. You can order food from the bar or any other restaurant on the street and they’ll serve it right here at your seat in Darlings. If that’s not fraternity,darling, we don’t know what is. This is the late night spot you must be spotted at. But shhh! Don’t tell everyone, this unpretentious joint is not for the posh-hearted.

Must-try cocktails: Any of their flavored gins that are brewed in-house!
Must-try on the menu: Any of their pizzas
Special nights:Every night from Tuesday to Sunday. Darling’s is shut on Mondays.

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