Instagrammable Places in Goa


From the sun-soaked shores to the vibrant streets painted with history, Goa is not just a destination—it’s a backdrop for your next viral post.

We've scoured the sands and streets to bring you the most Instagrammable places in Goa. From whispering palm trees to technicolour market scenes, we’ve got your photo ops covered. Whether you're hunting for iconic photoshoot spots in Goa or just a striking backdrop for your next #OOTD, this list is your new go-to guide for all things gorgeous. Ready to up your Instagram game? Let’s dive into the dreamy, the dramatic, and the downright dazzling spots of Goa that will make your followers double-tap faster than you can say 'cheese'!


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Step into the vibrant streets of Fontainhas, the Latin Quarter of Goa, where every corner tells tales from the past and begs to be photographed. This UNESCO heritage zone is a treasure trove of history painted in a spectrum of pastel hues.

Its cobbled pathways and quaint alleys, lined with some of the oldest houses in Panjim, undoubtedly make it one of the best locations for photoshoot in Goa.

During the day, meander through the lively streets and pop into adorable cafes like Antonio's, Joseph's, and Mo's Cafe for a taste of local flavour, or visit DTR for a sip of something truly special. A special mention to another spot you'll want to hashtag and share, sparking envy and curiosity alike is MTW. The initials stand for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - the days when Nao Spirits' daytime hustle sheds its corporate avatar and turns into a speakeasy bar.

As the sun sets, the area transforms as its bars and watering holes come to life offering a glimpse into Goa's spirited nightlife. The area’s colourful buildings and charming passageways make it a top pick among Instagrammable Places in North Goa.

And if you’re staying with us at V Escapes, we’ll arrange for you to be part of the exclusive 'Tipsy Tour' - our very own pub crawl through the vibrant streets of the Latin quarter. Our VIP Experiences Manager can arrange a memorable experience for you and your group with the crawl’s fun and fabulous host, making sure your experience is as entertaining as it is unforgettable.

Aguada-Fort 600

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Fort Aguada

This 17th-century Portuguese fortress, renowned as one of the top 'Photography Places in Goa', offers panoramic views of the Arabian Sea.

With its striking blend of Portuguese and Indian architectural styles, Fort Aguada provides an array of distinctive backdrops for even professional photoshoots. From the commanding lighthouse to the ancient ramparts and mysterious underground tunnels, each corner of the fort promises a unique story and an unforgettable shot.

Easily accessible the fort serves as the perfect background for dramatic images - it serves as a beautiful set for pre-wedding shoots and it’s rugged walls could just as easily be the best backdrop to show off your fun outfits against for your holiday instagram posts.

Whether you're aiming to capture the grandeur of history or the natural beauty surrounding it, Fort Aguada is a location that delivers both with stunning elegance.


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Kayaking on Chapora River
Embark on a serene journey as the sun rises or sets with our exclusive kayaking adventures on the Chapora River, arranged just for you by V Escapes. Glide through Goa’s enchanting backwaters and discover a side of this tropical paradise rarely seen by tourists.

As you paddle along the tranquil waters, learn about the lush mangrove forests that line the banks, vital to Goa's ecosystem. Keep your eyes peeled for a diverse array of wildlife and birds that call these waters home.

As you paddle through the heart of Goa’s natural beauty, capture the breathtaking views surrounding you. Glide, click, and share the serene magic on your feed!

Village 36

Village 36
Where your feed meets flavorful feasts!

From the bold neon pink peacock chairs that greet you at the door to the vibrant interiors curated by Sussanne Khan and The Charcoal Project, Village 36 is a canvas of colors. Inspired by the lush landscapes of Southeast Asia, the space features awe-inspiring murals of tropical flora and fauna and artful accents like oars from the backwaters of SE Asia.

Whether you’re snapping shots of the juicy BBQs, hot plates, exotic cocktails and desserts or just capturing the ambience under the moonlit sky, every moment here makes for luscious imagery.

But let’s talk taste— the menu is a kaleidoscope of flavours. Dive into flavorful hotpots, slurp up traditional ramen or their signature dishes like the Pork Crackling, Peking Duck, Korean Chicken Wings and the many veg options.

We promise you’ll leave with a feed that’s as drool-worthy as the dishes. What’s more? Your Villa Experiences Manager at V Escapes will ensure you are pre-booked for the best seats in the house and get the best recommendations from the chef!

Churches of Goa

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Churches of Goa

Iconic churches like the Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se’ Cathedral de Santa Catarina, and the Church of St. Francis of Assisi stand as a testament to breathtaking architecture and beauty, making them perfect for capturing those ethereal Instagram moments. With their ornate altars, striking frescoes, and majestic facades, these churches are not just places of worship but beacons of artistry, inviting you to explore and share their splendor with the world. Journey in style to these UNESCO heritage sites with luxury Mercedes SUV’s with our chauffeurs escorting you to the churches and back – when you stay at V Escapes, Goa.

Vagator Hill Top

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Vagator Hill Top

Kick off your weekend at the Goa Collective Bazaar, Vagator's Friday night hotspot that transforms shopping into an epic festival. With over 100 stalls buzzing from 4 PM to the wee hours of 3 AM, you can groove to live music, snack on gourmet bites, and sip cocktails — all while scoring everything from trippy tees to handmade jewelry.

Think of it as your playground for the senses; whether you’re hunting for unique shell anklets or just some chill vibes, every corner promises a perfect backdrop for your next viral post. Don't miss out on natural skincare goodies and essential yoga mats, all curated with love. The kids won’t get bored either, thanks to a dedicated area for mask-making and DIY crafts.

The legendary parties at Vagator also make it one of the top Instagram-worthy places in Goa. Pictures of you dancing and enjoying the vibes will light up with likes!

Amber Cocktail Bar

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Amber Cocktail Bar, Ashwem
Nestled beside the scenic seaside, Amber Cocktail Bar could easily qualify as one of the prime photoshoot places in Goa. Every sip and sunset here is an Instagram dream come true. Indulge in creatively crafted cocktails, each a feast for the eyes as much as for the palate, while the chilled vibes curated by Sandra and her expert team ensure your day stretches beautifully into night. Don’t just capture the stunning sea views and beautiful beverages; experience a charming, unforgettable atmosphere that’ll make your followers wish they were there.


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Cafes of Arambol

Arambol’s cafes offer a picturesque blend of bohemian vibes and artisanal brews. Places like Shimon’s Cafe, Garden of Dreams, and Mellow Cafe are not just spots to savour a good cuppa; their visually stunning corners are begging to be photographed. Each cafe boasts unique, quirky interiors and lush, inviting exteriors that perfectly capture the laid-back, artistic spirit of Arambol. Whether you're snapping shots of the finely crafted lattes or the eclectic decor, Arambol’s coffee cafes rank high among the Instagram-worthy places in Goa.

Undeniably, the most Instagrammable villa in Goa is V Escapes

Undeniably, the most Instagrammable villa in Goa is V Escapes.
Every corner is tastefully decorated with art and one-of-a-kind pieces curated by architect, Alan Abraham. Here’s a glimpse of the stunning villa in North Goa. A bucket-list getaway with your friends and family, V Escapes, Goa not only looks gorgeous but offers beautiful, exclusive experiences as well. For photo-enthusiasts, our Villa Experiences Manager can arrange a private photoshoot. What could be better than adorning your favourite outfits and taking pictures in the award-winning villa where you’ve frequently seen your favourite celebrities holiday? If you prefer more candid in-the-moment shots instead of getting your glam on for the cam, that could be arranged too. Have a look at the exclusive experiences we offer .

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